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Perfect Comfort 16 x 42 PTAC's

The Perfect Comfort 16x42 PTAC products are designed for new construction or retrofit projects. perfect_comfort_gld.png

Perfect Comfort 18x32 PCDM Series

perfect_comfort_gldwebsmall.png The Perfect Comfort PCDM Series replaces the following models: KeepRite, Seasonall, Climette, Zoneline, CSM and others. www.perfectcomfort.ca

Perfect Comfort 16 x 26 PTAC's

16x26 TTW PTAC's - Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners for new contruction or retrofit. perfect_comfort_gldwebsmall.png

Visit our showroom to view these products.


Perfect Comfort Retrofit PTAC Line

The Perfect Comfort incremental/ptac products are designed to retrofit into existing wall sleeve and cabinetry.

Replacing Singer EA, RS, American Air Filter Series 16 (AAF 16), and the Remington K/EK Series.


Perfect Comfort Ductless Split Systems

Ductless mini split systems for residential and commercial applications.


Perfect Comfort TTW Series

Perfect Comfort Line for residential & commercial applications. 

perfect_comfort_gld.pngThrough the wall available in cooling only.

AmeriCool Portable Air Conditioners

Portable Air Conditioner great for server rooms, hospitals, laboratories, process cooling, multi workstation cooling, special events and much more! ameri logo


Perfect Comfort Water Source Heat Pump Replacement

Water Source Heat Pump Retrofit replacements. Replacement for Friedrich Climate Master 800 Series.

perfect_comfort_gld.png Replacement for the WM & Water Furnace Model CC. Available for new construction & retrofit.


Perfect Comfort KoolKing Portable

Perfect Comfort KoolKing Line for residential & commercial applications. 

perfect_comfort_gld.png portable available in cooling only.

Sauermann Pumps

Sauermann pumps for condensate removal and other accessories.

sauermann.gif Condensate pumps for split systems, and other HVAC equipment.

Perfect Comfort Thermostats

The Perfect Comfort brand wall thermostats are used in residential and comperfect_comfort_gld.pngmercial applications.

Solaronics High Intensity Heaters & Parts

Solaronics gas fired infra red heaters and parts.

Great for Golf Ranges, Warehouses, Loading Docks, Ice Rinks, Tennis Courts and more.

Solaronics Low Intensity Tubes

 Solaronics gas fired low intensity tube heaters.

Great for airplane hangers, warehouses, ice rinks, loading docks and more.

RetroAire Replacement Thru the Wall Incremental Units

 Replacement thru the wall air conditioning and heating for over 75 standard units to replace 50+ original models.

RetroAire Water Source Console Heat Pumps

 Water Source Console Heat Pumps for new construction & renovation.

RetroAire VPAC

 Vertical Stack Package Terminal Air Conditioner.

Adirondack Aire Water Source

 Water Source Units adirondack_aire_logo.gif



Jackson & Church Boiler and HVAC

logo_jcmain.gifJackson & Church HVAC Global offers a complete line of environmental air control equipment for commercial, industrial and institutional applications.

Geomax - Geothermal HVAC Systems

Units for Air and Water: Residential & Commercial   1jpg.gif

Comfort-Aire Gas Furnace

comfortaire.jpgComfort-Aire Gas Furnaces.

Comfort-Aire Oil Furnace


The Patriot 80 oil furnace is available in upflow, downflow/horizontal, rear flue, and front flue models.

KeepRite / Seasonall / Replacements

Use the ComfortLine DMA series to replace the following models: KeepRite, Seasonall, Climette, Zoneaire, DMO, DMA, DMQ, CSM and others. Visit our showroom to view these products.

KeepRite Seasonall, DMO, DMA, DMQ and AP Series Parts

Parts list for Comfort Line, Climette, KeepRite, Seasonall DMO, DMA, DMQ and AP Series. Inquire for parts that are not listed.

Chromalox Thru the Wall Replacements

Chromalox thru the wall air conditioning and heating.

WallMate Thru The Wall Air Conditioning and Heating

Cooling only through the wall air conditioner.

ComfortAire Room Air Conditioners

 Room air conditioners. Please inquire for additional sizes and capacities.

Custom Filters

Custom filters for various HVAC incremental units. nrg_equipment_logo_032reflex1.png

Tailor made to clients requirements. Inquire for details.

Custom Exterior Grilles

Custom Exterior Grilles for 16 x 42 PTAC's nrg_equipment_logo_032reflex1.png

and non standard PTAC's.

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VRF Air Conditioning & Heat Pump

VRF Systems for residential & commercial applications.

Sanyo Ductless Split System & Multi-Zone Split System

 Systems for residential & commercial applications.

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